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Couple of issues with hardy heron

Ubuntu 8.04 aka Hardy Heron has been around for a few days now, so updating my system* was a completely logical step.

Murphy was – of course – stalking around the corner, so a couple of problems came up.

Problem 1: I’m suspending quite a lot.

Or that’s at least what makes this problem important to me.
In a nutshell, after sleeping (suspending to ram) the system fails to wake up. It seems that a kernel module related to USB (ehci_hcd) doesn’t like being suspended any more.

Anyway, good news are that we can kindly ask PM to unload the module before suspending the system.
Luckily this works :)

Just run the following as root

echo SUSPEND_MODULES=\"ehci_hcd\" > /etc/pm/config.d/WORKAROUND

Problem 2: Sound Line-out doesn’t “out” anything

Well that’s simple. My soundcard’s line out stoped outputing anything.
Took a wild guess that proved to be quite right: alsa failed to correctly autodetect the model of the codec implementation. Hardcoding it does the job.

Again as root

echo "options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-micsense" >> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base 

Hope this helps.

* the system in question is a gigabyte W251U laptop. This is pretty much an OEMed fujitsu siemens amilo SI1520.